Call of Duty WWII Team

With the release of the new Call of Duty series, Team Supremacy has branched out and are working putting together an elite roster to play on MLG pro circuit.

Rainbow 6 Siege Take Over

With over 4 seasons under our belt Team Supremacy has been on the top charts for Rainbow 6 Siege and will continue to grow with the community.

Cinch Gaming Sponsorship

We would like to announce our sponsorship with Cinch gaming if you are looking to get ahead with your gaming skills you need to check them out for the latest and greatest gear on the planet.

Our Highlights

COD Recruiting

We are currently branching into Call Of Duty Remastered, if you are an active player with Gamebattles & Call Of Duty experience contact us today if you would like to request a tryout for the team.

Brand New Logo

I have been working hard with a professional eSport Designer on a new logo for our team. Here is the finish product! Hoodies are now in the works stay tune.

Ready for Season 2

November 11th we will see a preview our the new DLC Red Crow which includes two new operators from Japan and also a Japanese style map which looks pretty intense. The real question is will any of these new DLC maps be added to there MLG rotation and currently none of season one maps are played in MLG / Game Battles matches.

Lucky Kills

With the new website Team Supremacy will highlight some videos of lucky kills / clutches in various matches one that stands out the most would be King Karlito’s 1v2 bomb clutch vs the number one team. For all videos take a moment and check out our video page or our twitch stream.

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Team Supremacy

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